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Barn:  402-336-1675

July Sales

1st - Weigh Ups @ 10:30am 
8th- Weigh Ups @ 10:30am 
15th - Weigh Ups @ 10:30am 
22nd - Weigh Ups @ 10:30 am
29th- Weigh Ups @ 10:30am 

We are a family owned and operated sale barn that offers  care and attention that you won't find anywhere else! Our livestock market offers automatic waterers and hay feeders in all the pens. Our pens are dirt- there is no hard concrete for your cattle! 

Caretakers are on site from the time that you unload to load out. We operate our back alleys in a slow, non-stress, efficient manner. Our experience has helped us understand how to properly care for your animals, and they will be treated as our own. 

There is ALWAYS assistance with unloading and loading livestock by our employees- including overnight hours. We are here to serve YOU!

Why Choose Shamrock Livestock?
Learn about our:

Shamrock Livestock Market

Quality and Variety

Welcome to Shamrock Livestock Market! We are located in O'Neill, Nebraska and offer a variety of sales throughout the year. Monte and Michele hope to see you soon!
Three ways to merchandise your livestock with us:
 Auction, Private Treaty, or Video 

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